We are committed to conducting our business in a manner that meets and exceeds the recognised legislative safety and health safety requirements; to protect the safety and health of our employees, clients, contractors and the communities in which we work. We believe that our commitment to safe and incident-free operations will contribute to improved reliability, lower costs and higher productivity.

To achieve our safety goals we provide our employees with appropriate equipment and instructions, employ trained personnel only, provide additional training were required, and enforce procedures and policies that encourage correct use of equipment and promote safe practices.


We remain steadfast in our goal to be incident-free. The safety of our employees, contractors and communities is the core of our commitment to operations integrity.

By conducting regular internal and external assessments, we not only ensure compliance with our aforementioned goals, but enable continuous improvement to all aspects of safe performance. We hold all levels of staff responsible and accountable for their actions and carrying out work in a safe manner; those who do not comply risk disciplinary action.

Any sub-contractor must be pre qualified by RDTS’s Sub-Contractor Management Systems (CMS). This is based around the client’s scope of works and a wide variety of factors that are established in the pre-qaulification questionnaire such as; pricing, ability to undertake the works, past projects, suppliers existing health and safety management systems (HSE), accreditations, insurances, equipment condition amongst, safety records (supporting records by insurer) along with other critical evaluation tools.

Potential contractors have 3 days to complete the pre-qaulification document and will not be considered for works until it is completed and signed by upper management.