Red Dirt Transport Services is a privately owned Western Australian transport and logistics company which aims to deliver an unparalleled level of high quality service to meet the needs of our broad range of clients.

We operate our business out of Port Hedland and Perth but our services span Australia wide. Diversified by geography and market, our operating systems maintain flexibility whilst simultaneously adhering to high ethical standards.

Our efficiency, productivity and competitive edge are echoed through our company’s Core Values. By upholding our Core Values, we are committed to becoming the nations premier transport and logistics company.



We pride ourselves on our ability to modify behaviour to fit changing situations. Transport can provide a wide range of changes which makes it important to have a dynamic team willing and able to assess, analyse and instigate action plans.


Unselfish concern for the welfare of others. The most important value Red Dirt Transport Services holds is the uncompromising importance placed on safety, not only to our valued team members, but equally important clients and general public. Our Occupational Health and Safety and driver policies form the framework in which we ensure and check our drivers,employees and sub-contractors adhere to so we can continue our safe operating history.


Reliability is the cornerstone of our business ethos. Our organisation is constantly looking into our processes to help keep our operations as reliable as possible across management, maintenance and employee performance to ensure the most favourable outcomes are achieved for all relevant stakeholders.


We believe it is the right of different groups of people to achieve the same treatment; our employee race diversity reflects our values. Red Dirt Transport Services employs individuals of all races with employment criteria based around an individuals ability, potential and willingness to align with the Core Values of the company.

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